The Canterbury Tales Review

Check your answers with the correct answers for the various stories in The Canterbury Tales. Make sure you read the alternate version of: The Miller's Tale, The WIfe of Bath and The Pardoner's Tale as they differ from the classroom text. These should help answer your review questions!

If you have questions about the stories, post in the discussions on the appropriate page. Review is Monday (March 7) and test is Tuesday (March 8).


The Canterbury Tales Wiki Project

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Each group must edit their assigned wiki page with information about various topics.

                    • At least 150 words
                    • at least 2 pictures pertaining to topic
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                    • at least 1 Widget

Assignment worth 20 points
*Due Wednesday February 16, 2011*
Your wiki will be graded with the following rubric:
Thoroughness, accuracy, clarity in covering the topic: _out of 5 points

Creativity: _out of 5 points

Use of audio/visual aids: _out of 5 points

Total involvement of group members: _out of 5 points

*I see lots of great edits have been made over the weekend! Great job! I'll be back tonight, so let me know asap if you have questions! -ms. a*