The Pardoner's Tale

1. Of what use is the bone?
It would cure various animals' snake bites or other sores, and it could help make the cattle
business good. It was also a cure for jealousy.
2. For what use is the mitten and under what condition will it work?
It will increase the yield of grain provided the wearer has made a donation to the church.
3. Describe the "trick" which has been worth a ;hundred marks a year to the Pardoner.
The Pardoner preaches that the very sinful members of his flock cannot make an offering, but
that the virtuous members may, and he will absolve them.
4. What is the Pardoner's purpose? What is he supposed to do?
He does everything he can to make money. He is supposed to be concerned with saving souls.
5. What is ironic about how the Pardoner gets people to repent from the sin of avarice?
The Pardoner is very guilty of the sin of avarice himself. He sees ways of getting people to
repent from avarice as a means for acquiring more money for the church.
6. What bargain or agreement did the rioters make at the tavern?
They agreed to go hunt down Death.
7. They met an old man as they began their journey. What was the old man's problem?
The old man had to roam the earth until he had found someone who would trade youth for age.
8. Where does the old man send the rioters?
He sends them up the road to an oak tree.
9. What did they find where the old man sent them?
They found eight bushels of gold.
10. Why did they have to bring the treasure home at night?
They were afraid someone would see them and think they had stolen it.
11. Why was one youth sent to town?
One went to town to buy food and drink so they would have something to eat while waiting for
12. What plan did the two other youths make to kill the one when he returned from town?
They decided one would talk to him and the other would come up from behind and stab him.
13. What plan did the one who went to town make to kill the two others when he got back?
He was going to poison the two.
14. Who died, and how did it happen?
All three died. The two stabbed the one, and then they unknowingly drank the poisoned wine.