Group Name – The Motets

Your topic is Medieval art and music

What kind of art and music was popular in the Medieval period? Who were some of the great artists and composers (you may discuss Europe, but try to focus more on English art and music when possible)? Who promoted the spread of art and music? Can you show examples of this art and play samples of this music? Can you dance as they did then?

*Medieval Music:

The music that we listen to today is extremely different from what people in the Medieval period listened to. Music was played in every day settings, but was most popular for using during celebrations and festivities. Examples of music being played at celebrations and festivities are as follows:

  • On Mayday dancers would dance ot high-pitched music, this was believed to awaken the hibernating spirits and they would be told that spring had arrived.

  • At weddings and Valentine's day, chivaree would be played. The term chivaree is the type of music used to create a romantic atmosphere.

  • At Christmas bells being rung brought good news to those listening of Jesus' birth.

An instrument that was popular in the Medieval period was the harp, as shown in the youtube video below.

*Medevial Art:

Art of the Medevial period was mainly only of Pietistic paintings. Pietistic paintings were also called Religious art or Christian art. Pietistic paintings were done in different configurations of illuminated manuscrpts, mosaics and fresco paintings. However a form of art that was not used in the Medieval period were portrait paintings.

-Illuminated Manuscripts:

external image luttrell%20pages.jpg


external image stock-photo-medieval-mosaics-in-santa-maria-in-trastevere-rome-italy-40181947.jpg

-Fresco Paintings:

external image 4866689150_bdf2f8eff1_z.jpg

This link below gives you great information about the different types of art and also gives you a bunch of other links that are available about the art in the Meieval period.

Medieval Art