The Knight's Tale

1. How did Arcita and Palamon become Theseus's prisoners?
Theseus went to slay Creon at Thebes. After he had won and conquered the city, pillagers
found Arcita and Palamon, knights who had fought against Theseus. They were wounded, so
the pillagers took them to Theseus's tent. He ordered that they would be kept perpetual
2. About what did Arcita and Palamon argue in the tower when they were prisoners?
Each one had seen and fallen in love with Emily, the Queen's sister. They argued about
which of them first saw Emily and could claim her for his own.
3. Why was Arcita released from prison?
Duke Perotheus, a great friend of Duke Theseus, also happened to have known and loved
Arcita in former years. At Perotheus's request, Theseus set Arcita free without ransom.
4. What was the one condition of Arcita's release?
He was never to return to any lands of Duke Theseus again, or he would be killed.
5. How and why did Arcita return to Athens?
He went disguised as a lowly servant looking for work so that he might see Emily again.
6. How did Palamon get out of prison?
He poisoned the guard and escaped.
7. Why did Theseus spare the lives of Palamon and Arcita when they were fighting in the
The Queen and Emily begged his mercy, and after consideration, he agreed to let the
knights live.
8. What solution to the knights' problem did Theseus have?
Each was to return to Athens in one year with 100 knights, and there would be a contest.
The winner of the contest would marry Emily.
9. Who won the battle for Emily's hand?
Arcita did.
10. What happened to Arcita?
There was an earth tremor as he was taking his victory round. His horse stopped and
stumbled, and Arcita was thrown out of the saddle upon his head with his breast shattered by
the saddle bow. He later died.
11. How did Palamon come to be married to Emily?
After a sufficient period of mourning, a certain number of years, Theseus sent for
Palamon. Theseus and his parliament gave permission for Palamon to marry Emily, and they
lived happily ever after.