Group Name – The Glastonburians

Your topic is King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Are the stories of Arthur and Camelot just legends, or is there some historical basis to these stories? Does Arthur have Celtic origins? How did these stories come to us today? What is there in these stories that humans of all ages find intriguing? What are examples of modern retellings of the Arthurian legends? Why Glastonburians?

What is Camelot and what is its segnificance. Tom Mosier

Camelot has been the subject of many legends, the most famous is King Arthur and his knights of the round table.
Many believe that Camelot doesn't exist and there are those who believe it does. The biggest problem with believing in
Camelot is that there is no trace to its were abouts. It has even been argued that Arthur never existed, that his knights and
that Camelot were just books written by clerics, "The one true King of the Britons," to give royalty a way to authenticate their
claims to the throne. But not all is lost there has been evidence of Camelot in many works of Geoffrey of Monmouth, who writes of Arthur's court being not in Camelot but in Caerleon, and Chretien De Troyes. A castle was even discovered by a Sir Thomas Malory in Winchester in 1485 that had a massive round table in a great hall which could be Arthur's round table.

These are History channel videos "Knights of Camelot."

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A depiction of King Arthur and the knights of the round table

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File:Idylls of the King 3.jpg

A depiction of Camelot


who was King Arthur? Lasher

king arthur might be a late roman, a king, a Celt, guerilla, or a general.
Cody try this it might help.

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A newer version of the King Art.

So who was king arther blake richardson

We can be certain King Arthur was not a medieval king with a bevy of knights in suits of armour and a big castle called camelot.. we know very little histoically but if he exited, then king arthur was a probably a 5th century warrior chief who protected his peoples from the saxon invaders for a time.

King aruthur was said to be the son of Uther Pendragan and Vgraine of Cornwall. Aruthur is a near mythic figure in Celtic stories such as culhwch and Olwen. In early chronicles he is a presented as military leader,the dux bellorum. In later romance he is a king and emperor.

So really king arthur, the , king of the britons, was in probably a french invention.

why king Arthur was a Glastonburion Shawn Stone

Glastonbury has been linked to king Arthur this is linked by death more then life the connection of isle of apple and avalloc. after stories about the Round Table and the Holy Grail king Arthor was wounded at the Battle of Camlan around the year 542. then got sailed to the isle of Avalon for his wounds to get better. Although Glastonbury stilll be an island it is possiable for a boat to bring him to the tho the island where medical help was.which would have been a church in some stories King Arthur was burned in a grave yard south of the island between two stone pyramids and at great depth. later in 1191 the monks dug the casket up and found two bodies the monks dug sixtten feet doen before they found the casket six feet under. the bodies in the casket were said to be King Arthur and the women int eh casket was said to be Guineveres. it has clamed to be a power spirit haunts the ruins of Abbey and nobody has seen the casket of spoke of the casket since. and people sometimes lay flowers down to honour the mighty and powerful king.