Fill in the desciption of each pilgrim as we complete reading The Prologue (pg. 11-28).

2nd period

4th period

1. The Knight- A worthy man, who was tough and fought as many as fifteen battles, and loved chivalry

2. The Squire- The Knight's dainty son who was a lover and a bachelor, long hair and with a statue of his fathers

3. The Yeoman- Highly ranked servant who carries an arrow with bows, armguard, and a shield. Was very skilled with his weapons

4. The Prioress- Name means honeysuckle, spoke just as the upper classes would, broad forehead which was highly fasionable.

5. The Monk- Traveled the countryside and hunted, he whas a disciple of St. Benedict and founded the benedictine rule which is a guide to daily living for monks

6. The Friar- A clergyman who was a landowner and exchanged forgiveness for sexual favors

7. The Merchant

8. The Clerk of Oxford

9. The Sergeant at Law

10. The Franklin

11-15. The Five Guildsmen

16. The Cook

17. The Shipman

18. The Doctor of Physic

19. The Wife Of Bath

20. The Parson

21. The Plowman

22. The Miller

23. The Manciple

24. The Reeve

25. The Summoner

26. The Pardoner

27. The Host

28. Chaucer